The emergence of a rare bat virus in France, after the death of an elderly man who suffered severe infections of the brain


Revealed a report published in the Daily Star dailystar, About the death of a French retired, over the age of 60, in Limoges, France, as a result of his infection with the rare bat virus, after suffering severe complications that claimed his life.

The report indicated that the French retired conducted an analysis that revealed his infection with the European bat virus type 1 (EBLV-1), Who is transported through bats, as bats have taken shelter from the roof of his house, which contributed to his infection a year ago, but he did not respond to treatment and his health deteriorated, until he was killed inside Limoges University Hospital.

It turned out that the French victim of the virus had been transferred to Limoges University Hospital in August of 2019, after being bitten or scratched by the bat that was living on the top of his house, which infected him with the virus, which has not recorded human deaths for 35 years.

And the medical report of the retired French confirmed that he was suffering from encephalitis, as samples were sent from the deceased to determine the cause of infection in the Parisian Necker Hospital and the Pasteur Institute, as the analysis showed that he had contracted the European bat virus type 1 EBLV-Which is the first case that was recorded in France for the first time.

The world recorded the last death from this rare virus in 1985, for a Russian man and another who was also infected with this virus in Finland


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