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The Director of Health Emergencies at the Regional Office of the World Health Organization, Dr. Richard Brennan, said that there are 3 new strains of the emerging corona virus “Covid-19”, which appeared on 10

Source: Ahmed Gharib – Erm News

The Director of Health Emergencies at the WHO Regional Office, Dr. Richard Brennan, said that there are 3 new strains of the virus Corona The new “Covid-19”, appeared in 10 countries in the Eastern Mediterranean Region.

Brennan added, during a conference of the Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean today, Wednesday, that the “Kovacs” initiative guarantees the fair distribution of Coronavirus vaccines, indicating that by next February, the initiative will provide 25 million doses, and by the end of March the doses will be safe for everyone. Everyone has got it.

She explained that by the end of next December, 355 million doses of the “Corona” vaccine will have been provided to all countries that are members of the “Kovacs” initiative.

For his part, the Regional Director of the World Health Organization in the Eastern Mediterranean Region, Dr. Ahmed Al-Mandhari, affirmed that “all Corona virus vaccines are safe and have no fear of them,” noting that “companies have been directed to produce vaccines in large quantities, as many companies obtained emergency approvals to produce Coronavirus vaccines ”.

Al-Manzari noted: “There are new vaccinations that will appear during the coming period, and that there are adequate quantities of vaccines for the countries of the Eastern Mediterranean Region, as the number of laboratories has reached about 450, in addition to strengthening focused care and infection control.”


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