The draw for the Club World Cup – Qatar 2020, an awaited match for Al-Duhail and Al-Ahly, Al-Bina newspaper


Resulted Lot cup the world For clubs Diameter 2020 About Confrontation Arabic Major between Al Duhail Country And my family Egyptian within The role The second From The tournament On that Meet winner who are they With Bayern Munich at The role Half Final.

And in the details, Lost Pulled yesterday Tuesday at Headquarters the Union International لكرة The foot «Viva» at Zurich, Lot cup the world For clubs Diameter 2020، والتي Resulted About Occurrence Al Duhail Country Team The state The host at Confrontation Ahly Egyptian pregnant title Cyclic Champions Africa at summit Prospective, In Will face Tigress Mexican a hero CONCACAF Ulsan Hyundai a hero Cyclic Champions Asia, د within The role The second From The tournament.

And in Half Final the first Which Will be held at Seventh From February Next, Will meet a hero cup Libertadores, actor America Southern With winner From Tigress و .ولسان.

And it will be the giant German Bayern Munich a hero Cyclic Champions Europe On an appointment With Confrontation Strong at The role Half Final Before winner From Confrontation Al Duhail And my family د day Monday Indeed at VIII From February. In To be held the match Final day Thursday at atheistic ten from him.

And receiving the world Mondial Clubs Next Enthusiastically وارتياح Large Lines first championship Major Organize it FIFA Ago pandemic virus Corona Novelty Which Suffers from him the world Ago Public Approximately.

And it was Team Auckland City The New Zealander may be Withdraw From Face it at The role the first Before Al Duhail Because spread «Covid 19» at His ranks And it resulted About that Qualified actor Diameter directly to me The role The second.

And everyone is waiting for the big confrontation that will bring together the Brazilian giants Santos and Palmeiras in the Copa Libertadores final to determine the team that holds the sixth and last seat in the tournament.


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