The dispute between Megan Markle and her father has reached the courts


Monday, January 25, 2021 08:15 AM

Megan Markle and her fatherMegan Markle and her father

The secrets of the disagreement between Megan Markle, Prince Harry’s wife, and her father, to fill the headlines of international newspapers and websites, spread daily, and that crisis is still in Segal between them, until some newspapers revealed that it had reached the court.

Thomas Markle, Megan’s father, told various media about the extent of the suffering he has been living with his daughter so far, until he revealed the details of the reconciliation message Megan sent him shortly after her wedding to Prince Harry.

According to the Mirror newspaper, this letter came under the Supreme Court hearing, among the father’s statements in which he revealed the details of the 5-page letter between him and Megan Markle, where he came with the last line of the letter: “I do not ask for anything but peace and wish you the same thing. “.

The letter also revealed the deterioration of their relationship, as well as Megan Markle crowded with many rumors in the period leading up to the royal wedding, and her father conducted a series of interviews about the dispute between them.

Since this message was revealed to the media, Megan Markle has filed a lawsuit with the High Court in London against the Associated Newsbippers, the owner of Mail Online and the Daily Mail, and its Sunday version, Mail on Sunday, accusing her of infringing on her privacy with the publication of Excerpts from a letter she sent to her father, Thomas Markle, in August 2018.

Megan’s attorney told the court that publishing the private and personal message was “illegal and a tripartite violation of her privacy rights, which made Prince Harry unhappy with such violations.”

Megan Markle is seeking compensation for misuse of private information, copyright infringement, and data protection breach of 5 letters published in February 2019 that included portions of her letters to her father.

The trial was supposed to take place this month, but the agents of the Duchess of Sussex succeeded in obtaining from the High Court of London last October a decision to postpone the date to the fall of 2021.

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