The discovery of a faster spreading type of corona – Saudi News


A member of the Parliamentary Health Committee in Lebanon, Representative Ali Al-Miqdad, announced the emergence of a new surge of Corona virus in the country, the danger of which is that it is more rapidly spreading.

In an interview with the National Media Agency, Al-Miqdad confirmed that “the pcr tests that were conducted in two large laboratories in Lebanon showed the presence of a genetic change in the virus, and that 50 percent of the tests during the past days showed the presence of a new type of virus, the danger of which is that it is spreading faster. We do not know yet if we are facing a new type of virus, or if Corona virus has developed itself. ”

He continued, “The situation in Lebanon has reached the level of danger that we have always warned of, as we now do not find places for patients even in hospital emergencies, and what is striking is the phenomenon of the high rate of injuries among the youth group.”

“The percentage of commitment to close yesterday calls for optimism, and we hope that the situation will continue in this manner throughout the period of the general closing, and that we are aware of the seriousness of what we have reached,” he added.

And he called for “staying at home, and avoiding mixing even between families and relatives inside homes, as some carry the virus without symptoms appearing on them.”


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