The decline in Gazprom exports … Corona threatens the revenues of the Russian gas giant


Russian Gazprom” exports of natural gas declined 10% to markets outside the former Soviet Union in 2020, due to the Corona pandemic.

The Russian gas giant exported 179.3 billion cubic meters of gas to the European Union, Turkey and China in 2020, according to what CEO Alexei Miller said about preliminary operating results, compared to 199.2 billion cubic meters in 2019.

In previous statements during the third fiscal quarter of 2020, the state-owned company expressed its optimism about the return of demand on the oil and natural gas market, especially after the emergence of the Corona vaccine.

In the statement carried by Bloomberg Agency, the company added that exports to China via the “ Power of Serbia” pipeline reached 4.1 billion cubic meters.

Domestic supplies to Gazprom reached 225.7 billion cubic meters.

Oil and gas producers around the world have been affected by lower prices and a collapse in fuel demand due to lockdown measures aimed at containing the pandemic.

The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) expects that global demand for oil in 2021 will increase by 7 million barrels per day.

The price per cubic meter of natural gas at the time of writing the report is $ 2,545, an increase of 5.08% over the previous close.


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