The death of the son of the artist Syed Zayan


Mohamed Zein, son of the artist, passed away – a short while ago Master Xian After he was ill during the past few days and went into a coma as a result of a brain hemorrhage.

Iman Sayyid Zayan announced the death of her brother Muhammad, a short while ago, through her personal page on the social networking site “Facebook”: “Stay for God .. now my brother Muhammad Syed Zayan has passed away .. May God have mercy on you, Muhammad and enjoy you with the honorable face and the patriarchs of the highest paradise .. And he brings you together with my mother And my father is in Heaven, my darling … I ask you to pray for my brother Muhammad. ”

The deceased was transferred during the past few days to intensive care in a major hospital in Cairo, until he left our world a short while ago.

Syed Zayan was born on August 17, 1943, graduated from the School of Mechanics for Air Force Aircraft Maintenance. He started working in the field of art after he submitted his resignation from his work in the 1960s era, through the theater in which he starred, especially when he worked in the Muhammad Najm theater, and from the most famous His theatrical participations “My Beautiful Lady, Al-Askari Al-Akhdar, one for Mon and the second is crazy.” He also provided many supporting roles in cinema and television. Among his most famous works are: “Sons of Silence, I want a solution, pardon, law, beggar, hot night, money and children, Omar Ben Abdulaziz, the twin, and others, and left our world on April 13, 2016.


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