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The death missed the prominent Swedish playwright Lars Noreen, as he died at the age of 76 due to infection with the new Corona virus, according to what his publisher announced.

Noreen’s publisher in Albert Bonnet highlighted in a statement that the importance of the late “as an author and playwright is impossible to summarize in a few sentences, but he was one of the greatest (playwrights) of this era.”

Noren’s fame extended outside Sweden, and he was often placed in the ranks of giants such as August Strindberg (1849-1912) and Ingmar Bergmann (1918-2007),

He was known in his early years as poetry in the sixties of the twentieth century before focusing on theater at the end of the seventies, in writing and directing.

Noreen took over the Swedish National Theater, succeeding Bergman, and wrote difficult and cruel plays in which he dealt with the subject of physical and social violence.

His play, “7: 3”, caused an uproar at the end of the nineties, when he used dangerous prisoners serving long prison sentences, including two neo-Nazis, who performed the same characters in the play, which contained many expressions of hatred.

A number of these prisoners benefited from their participation in the play, as one of them, Tony Olson, committed several thefts, one of which caused the death of two policemen on the day after the play concluded in the town of Malxander in the southeast of the country.



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