The death of the Egyptian writer Kawthar Heikal, wife of the artist Abu Bakr Ezzat – Fikr and Art – stars and celebrities


The great Egyptian writer Kawthar Heikal passed away this morning, according to Khaled Montaser, on his personal Facebook page.

Montaser published a picture of the late writer, and commented on it, saying: “Stay for God .. Goodbye, the beloved great writer Kawthar Haykal, my second mother, my beloved mother and my wife Samah.

The artist Kawthar Heikal is the wife of the late artist Abu Bakr Ezzat. She wrote a number of films, including “The Two Lovers, The Virgin and White Poetry, My Love Always, on Cellophane Paper, My Blood, My Tears and My Smile, Empire of Mim” and the series “Ali Hadi Fire, The Last Moments, A Bird in the Cage” .



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