The death of Elias Rahbani … Corona kidnaps the composer of masterpieces Fairuz and Sabah


Lebanese musician Elias Rahbani passed away this morning, Monday, at the age of 83, as he was infected with the Coronavirus (Covid-19) for nearly a week.

Elias belongs to the famous Rahbaniyah family, he is the brother of the late Mansour and Assi Rahbani, whose names were associated with the name of the great artist, Fairouz.

A vacuum in the artistic community

Many artists mourned the musician Elias Rahbani on social media, headed by the artist Carole Samaha, who previously worked with him in theatrical work, and offered her condolences to his two sons, Ghassan and Jad, and his wife, Nina.

Media, interviewer and producer Ricardo Karam wrote about him, saying goodbye to him with a clip from the famous Fayrouz song, “Hanna Al-Sukran is a night and on the walls. Uncle Baysour, the girl of neighbors”, which is one of his most famous songs with Neighbor of the Moon.

Elias Rahbani was born in Inelias, north of Beirut, in 1938, and studied music at the Lebanese Academy, then at the National Conservatory of Music. He also received private music lessons for 10 years at the hands of French music masters.

He naturally fell in love with music because of his two brothers, Asi and Mansour Rahbani, known as the Rahbani brothers. Because of an injury to his right hand, he was unable to complete his studies after his teacher abandoned him, but he was determined to follow with the left hand and moved to the field of musical composition.

At the age of twenty, his real artistic career began, as the British BBC contracted with him in Lebanon to compose 40 songs and 13 programs, and after 4 years of working with her, he began collaborating with well-known singers of that era, such as Nasri Shams El Din, and he worked He is also a director and music consultant at Radio Lebanon, and a music producer for companies producing records.

At the beginning of the current millennium, Elias Rahbani worked as the dean of the Rotana Academy to teach singing at the beginning of its establishment, but he quickly resigned from this position, and was a member of honor in the 10th and 11th seasons of Star Academy, and he was also on the jury of the Super Star Arab Idol program.

In his long artistic career, Elias Rahbani presented many songs and instruments, including about two thousand songs, in addition to the soundtracks for 25 films and series. He is the owner of the music for the famous “My Blood, My Tears, and My Smile” movie, and the movie “The Most Beautiful of My Life.”

He worked with the artist Fairouz in songs such as “Ya Tayer Al Warwar” and “Kana Taahoun”, and collaborated with the late Sabah in songs such as “How are you, Ya Asmar”, and his compositions were sung by other stars such as Melhem Barakat, Wadih Al Safi and Majida Al Roumi, and from the younger generation she sang his tunes Julia Boutros and Pascal Saqr.

This is in addition to his production and composition of a large number of musicals, such as Sufra al-Ahlam and Ella, and his poetry collection entitled “The Window of Life” was published in the mid-1990s. Among his last works in 2005 was the song “I Want to Live” by Haifa Wehbe.

Elias Rahbani won many prizes during his artistic life, including a prize for a youth competition in classical music, a prize for the piece “The War Is Over” (La Guerre Est Finie) from the Athens Festival in 1970, and a Film Certificate at the International Festival of Media Film in Venice in the 1970s. Honorary doctorate from the Universities of Barrington, Washington, and Asturias, Spain.

To defend his melodies, Elias Rahbani entered into conflict with the producers of the song “I Challenge the World” by Saber Al-Rubai, as the song’s music resembles some of his melodies, especially the melody of the song “Nina Maria” that he presented in the 1970s. He filed a lawsuit in the Lebanese judiciary for the sake of property rights, and a specialized technical investigation was conducted by the Listening Committee at the Society of Authors and Composers, and Elias had already won the case, and a ruling was issued requiring the company to withdraw the album from the market and add his name to it.


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