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Madrid – Spanish press reports talked about the fate of French coach Zinedine Zidane, Real Madrid’s coach, after the sudden exit from the first round of the Spanish Cup, at the hands of an obscure team. Real Madrid lost to Deportivo Alcoyano (a third division team), 2-1, to be deposited in the second championship in less than a week, after defeating Athletic Bilbao in the semi-finals of the Super Cup. According to the Catalan newspaper “Sport”, the disastrous performance that Real Madrid showed against Alcoyano, is what raised the concerns of the royal club officials more than losing the second championship in less than a week.

And the newspapers added that this matter made Zidane’s future into great question at Real Madrid, to the point that there is some thinking about his departure before the start of the Champions League round of 16. The report indicated that Real Madrid appeared this season in many games at embarrassing levels, but the matter was repeated in front of a team from the lower ranks, to the point of losing in front of him in the cup and ten players, he confirmed that things are going in the wrong direction. Reports concluded that Florentino Perez, Real Madrid president, may take action on Zidane’s future, after the next Deportivo Alaves match in La Liga, if the team falters, and after Mauricio Pochettino takes over the leadership of Paris Saint-Germain, Raul Gonzalez will be the closest alternative to Zidane’s succession.

Consecutive failures

Competition for all titles
Competition for all titles

“Real Madrid will fight for all titles” is a sentence that Real Madrid fans have gotten used to from coach Zidane since the beginning of the season, but the data on the stadium were not like that at all. The royal team, just a few days after the disastrous exclusion from the semifinals of the Spanish Super Cup, by Athletic Bilbao, left the competition for the King’s Cup. And Zidane’s failure to deal with the match appeared, although the Meringue was the most possessive and dangerous party on the goal, but there was no activity in the offensive line to resolve the match early against this modest opponent.

The King’s Cup has become a damned title for Zidane, who has not been able to crown it throughout his career as a player or coach so far. Zizou in his first season as a player in the royal jersey in 2001, the team reached the final against Deportivo La Coruña and lost 1-2, and in the following season, the quarter-final was deposited at the hands of Mallorca, and in the 2003-2004 season, he reached the final against Real Zaragoza and lost 3-2 .

Zizou and his comrades bid farewell in the 2004-2005 season of the final price against Real Valladolid, and in his last season as a player before announcing his retirement, leaving the team from the semi-final of the tournament against Real Zaragoza. When Zidane took over the technical leadership in 2016, the team had already left the tournament against Cadiz due to a managerial mistake by involving Cherchev, and in the following season he was eliminated from the quarter-finals against Celta Vigo. And in the 2017-2018 season, the team lost against Leganes and was deposited in the quarter-finals, and in the second term of Zizou, in the last season 2019-2020, the royal was eliminated by Real Sociedad in the quarter-finals.

dark tunnel


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