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Social networking sites in Jordan were filled with the story of a girl who was battered and severely beaten by her brother, who later became known as the “University Hospital Girl” case.

The incident goes back to a month ago, when a girl was subjected to brutal violence by her brother, who beat her and locked her in the bathroom and tied her to chains to prevent any attempts to save her.

Two days after her brutal imprisonment, the victim’s brother agreed to transfer her to the hospital due to her deteriorating health, according to Al-Ghad newspaper.

The 20-year-old girl, a university student, arrived at the University Hospital in the capital, Amman, in a coma, where she was lying in the intensive care unit, and she underwent “complex surgery”.

“The Family Protection Department dealt with the case about a month ago and her brother was arrested and referred to the judiciary and the administrative judge,” said the media spokesman for the Public Security Directorate, Amer Al-Sartawi, in a statement issued Thursday.


For his part, a specialist in neurosurgery at Jordan University Hospital, Dr. Tariq Kanaan, revealed the details of her health condition, indicating that it is “a case of multiple injuries and not isolated injuries, meaning that she suffers more than one injury, in addition to a severe brain injury”.

Dr. Kanaan added – according to what was reported by the local Ruya Channel website – that the girl also suffers from complete fainting and a very low level of consciousness, which necessitated her being placed on a respirator.

Activists demanded the application of the most severe punishments against the brother of the girl who was severely beaten on her head and parts of her body, tying her to iron chains, locking her in the bathroom and leaving her bleeding.

The crime of “University Hospital Girl” brought to mind the case of the Palestinian girl, Israa Gharib, who was beaten and tortured to death at the hands of her brothers.


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