The Cavaliers spoil the start of the big trio in the Brooklyn Nets


LOS ANGELES – The Cleveland Cavaliers spoiled the start of the big trio in the Brooklyn Nets, composed of James Harden, Kevin Durant and Kerry Irving, by beating him 147-135 after two extensions in the NBA, which saw more postponed matches, bringing the number this season to 17.
The Nets fell despite the brilliance of the trio who were playing for the first time together, as Harden succeeded in “Triple Double” with 21 points, 12 assists and 10 rebounds, while Durant added 38 points, 12 rebounds and Irving 37 points, but that was not enough because Coleen Sexton grabbed the spotlight by scoring the highest score in the match with 42 points, including 15 in the second extra time, to lead the Cavaliers to victory. Seven of the winning players managed to overcome the ten-point barrier.
Sexton thus surpassed his previous personal record with 41 points in the Boston Celtics basket in March 2020.
Sexton hit hard in the second extra time, as he opened it with a free throw and a three-way lead, giving his team 134-127 before he scored his fifth hat-trick in the match a minute and 29 seconds before the end of the match, to finally settle the result in favor of his team.
The Turkish reservists, Shedi Osman and Turin Prince, also contributed to the Cavaliers ’victory, by scoring 25 and 17 points, respectively.
Nets coach Steve Nash said that his team needed time to be in complete harmony between the various players, saying, “We were lost at times, which is normal because we did not play together and therefore there is hesitation in the ranks of the team.”
“The players will gradually adapt to each other, which is a procedure that needs an entire season,” he added.
Irving missed seven matches for his team and the League League fined him $ 50,000 for breaching safety in connection with the Covid 19 pandemic, as a video tape showed him participating in a family birthday party without wearing a muzzle, but his team was not affected by his absence by winning five of these matches.
“I have no doubt that we will have good evenings in the future, but that goes through solidarity and sacrifice for the good of the team,” Irving said. We must forget these matches and look forward. “
The Dallas Mavericks beat the Indiana Pacers 124-112, thanks to 27 points, 13 rebounds for Latvian Kristaps Burzingis and 22 points for Trey Burke, to put the winner to an end to three straight defeats. Slovenian Luka Doncic achieved “Triple Double” for the thirtieth time in his career, with 13 points, 12 rebounds and similar assists.
Cameroonian star Joel Ambed led his team, the Philadelphia 76ers, to a remarkable victory over the Boston Celtics 117-109, scoring 42 points and 10 rebounds.
In other matches, the Phoenix Suns beat the Houston Rockets 109-103, Atlanta
Hawks on the Detroit Pistons 123-115 ot, and the Miami Heat on Toronto
Raptors 111-102, Los Angeles Clippers on Sacramento Kings 115-96, and Orlando Magic on Minnesota Timberwolves 97-96.
The Basketball League announced the postponement of two new matches due to the repercussions of the new Corona virus, one that was scheduled for Wednesday between Portland Trail Blazers and Memphis Grizzlies due to the presence of many positive cases in the latter’s ranks, and the second scheduled for Friday between Washington Wizards and Milwaukee Bucks.
Thus, the total number of postponed matches since the start of the current season in December (December) increased to 17 games, including 16 after the date of the tenth of this month, indicating a rapid spread in the ranks of the American League clubs recently.
The association revealed that 502 players have undergone tests to detect the Covid 19 pandemic since the 13th of this month, and 11 of them have tested positive. According to the NBA protocol, any player who has tested positive for the new Corona virus or has had contact with someone close to him must be subject to quarantine, and thus Memphis Grizzlies could not secure eight players, which is the minimum to allow his match with the Blazers. (AFP)


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