The arrest of the Syrian actress Angie Khoury


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            <span class="created">17 January, 2021</span>
            <p dir="RTL"><span style="background-color: initial;">News reports issued by Lebanese newspapers revealed the details of the arrest of the Syrian artist, Angie Khoury, and her arrest by the Syrian Criminal Security in the vicinity of the Syrian Mezzeh region, after the lawsuit filed against her by the Lebanese artist Shiraz. </span></p><p dir="RTL">The Syrian prosecutor charged Angie Khoury with the accusations of insulting and slandering the artist Shiraz, defaming her, and sneaking into Lebanese territory for a number of times, until she is threatened with imprisonment for a period of 6 months.</p><p dir="RTL">Angie Khoury is considered one of the influencers on social media, and always declares her anger towards her family, which neglected her, and appeared in external videos.</p><p dir="RTL">And in February 2020, the Lebanese Morality Police arrested Angie Khoury after she entered the Lebanese border surreptitiously, and broke the ruling against her to cancel her residency in Lebanon due to the spread of her scandalous videos.</p><p dir="RTL">The Literature and Narcotics Control Bureau in Lebanon charged Angie Khoury with prostitution and drug abuse. 
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