The announcement of the Xbox hand in a red color similar to the color of the “Super Mario” hat!


Microsoft announced a new red Xbox controller.

The new hand is distinguished by its “Pulse Red” color, which some compare to the color of the iconic Mario hat from Nintendo.

It is expected that the new hand will be available in “most of the Xbox markets” on the ninth of next February, at a price of 64.99 USD.

While there are different styles and shapes of controller for Xbox One – you can even customize one for yourself – the Series X and Series S are only available in Carbon Black, Robot White and Shock Blue – the latter, some likening him to Sonic from the company. Sega by the way.

But, do not misunderstand me, as Microsoft has already confirmed that Hand One will run the Series X games completely smoothly. Here we are only talking about the official controllers released specifically for the new devices.

Whatever it is, it is indicated – again – that the Xbox Series Pulse Red will be available on February 9th. You can read a comparison of the vibration techniques and haptic properties between the Xbox hand and DualSense – and explain how they work in a rich article written by comrade “Baria Al-Masry” on our website.


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