The amendment of WhatsApp’s privacy policy raises Telegram users to 500 million active users


The modification of WhatsApp's privacy policy raises Telegram users to 500 million active users - Telegram

Experienced service Telegram A rapid jump in the number of new users to it, thus exceeding the total number of its users the threshold of 500 million active users, after the controversy surrounding WhatsApp amending the new privacy policy and forcing users to either accept it or give up using the application, which millions of people preferred.

According to the CEO of the company, The application It gained 25 million new users in the past three days alone.

Thus, Telegram would have taken about seven years to reach half a billion users, compared to WhatsApp, which has two billion users. However, the exponential growth during the past few years as a result of increased benefits and attention to security and privacy, increased the number of new users joining Telegram.

The sources of the recent increase in Telegram users varied, as 38% of them were from Asia, 27% from Europe – although WhatsApp’s privacy policy was not implemented in it – 21% from South America and 8% from the Middle East and North Africa.

25 million new users within 3 days, far exceeding normal rates, as compared to last year, the service is witnessing about 1.5 million new users registering it daily.

It seems that WhatsApp sensed a relatively danger and today issued a statement trying to reassure users about the effects of implementing the new privacy policy, which some have described as false, yet the green application remains far superior to its blue competitor in terms of the number of users, as 500 million total users in Telegram are the number of users WhatsApp from India alone.


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