Tension escalated between Saudi mercenaries and the UAE in the south of the country


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At stake seems to be the future of the new government and the other steps that accompanied it, emanating from the so-called Riyadh Agreement, as a result of the escalation of tension and differences in southern Yemen between the forces of Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Differences prompted the two parties to the agreement to mobilize military reinforcements to Aden, amid the intense security deployment of the Transitional Council, which recently created what it called the Aden Ring Forces.

The recent mutual escalation between the two parties to the conflict proves the fragility and formality of the steps of the Saudi agreement, including the formation of the joint government, which has not changed in reality since its announcement and has not succeeded in addressing the existing crises. Rather, the southern regions recently witnessed a major deterioration in the level of basic services that – One party to the other through the service paper.

While the state of popular discontent is increasing in several southern cities to denounce the deteriorating conditions and economic collapse, the conflict appears to be most intense between the two sides of Riyadh and Abu Dhabi in Shabwa governorate, with the intensification of its local authority escalating in the face of the UAE, which continues its moves to control the province and its oil sites.

Such developments may undermine the remainder of the Riyadh agreement, especially as it pre-empts the second phase of implementing the agreement, which proves the failure of its two parts, both military and political, and the truth of the subversive intentions of the Saudi-Emirati alliance.

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