Tension and a heavy police presence in the vicinity of Congress


Demonstrators, supporters of US President Donald Trump, are trying to storm the Congress building.Demonstrations began in the American capital, Washington, on Wednesday, at the invitation of Trump, ahead of a session of the Senate to vote on the results of the presidential elections, which is expected to officially announce the elected President Joe Biden, the next President of the United States of America.

Trump delivered a speech in Washington, in front of his supporters, who called them to demonstrate in protest against a session convened by Congress, on the same day to formally certify his defeat in the presidential elections, while the security forces were preparing as the protests were likely to puncture violence.

In response to Trump’s call, Trump supporters rallied in the federal capital.Some of them raised banners reading “Stop theft,” the phrase that Trump supporters have used as their slogan since the election results were released on November 3, which they believe stole the victory of their candidate.

On Tuesday, shops in central Washington anticipated the upcoming demonstration by installing large wooden panels on their windows for fear of riots.

The Metropolitan Police did not hide its concern about the occurrence of violence, especially by far-right groups, and it has warned that it will arrest anyone it finds in possession of a weapon.

The mayor of Washington, DC, called for calm while about 340 National Guard personnel were deployed as the city prepared for potentially violent protests surrounding the expected vote in Congress.

According to a US defense official, Mayor Muriel Bowser filed a New Year’s Eve request to keep National Guard members on the streets from January 5 to the month of January 7, in order to help secure the protests.

The official also said that National Guard personnel will be used to control traffic and other forms of assistance, but that they will not be armed and will not wear body armor.


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