Technology today – Realme launches a new smartwatch in Egypt that monitors oxygen in the blood


Today’s News Technology Today – Realme launches a new smart watch in Egypt that monitors oxygen in the blood Source of News – Al Arab Today With news details Realme launches a new smart watch in Egypt that monitors oxygen in the blood:

Al Youm News – Cairo – Arabs Today
Realme China launched its latest releases of realme Watch S smart watches in Egypt, which is an important part of the Internet of Things strategy, and the new offering is a new step by Realme confirming its endeavor to implement its strategy and expansion goals in offering more than 100 electronic products based on artificial intelligence and Internet of Things technologies, The company’s connection to several devices remotely for ease of operation without opening the smartphone, including the strategy known as 1 + 4 + N, so that the user can manage all these devices and control them from his smartphone realme smart watch realme Watch S bearing the slogan “Smarter all the time” with a color touch screen Rapid response with automatic brightness that changes according to the level of lighting in the place, even if it is in bright sunlight, and the screen comes with a size of 3.3 cm (1.3 inches) with a resolution of 360 * 360 pixels (278 pixels per inch), which provides a more clear visual effect, in addition to a layer of protection. 2.5D Corning Gorilla, with aluminum frame, and more than 100 watch faces to provide fashionable clock faces via OTA will be added later.

Complete medical care

The role of realme Watch S does not stop at knowing the timing, rather it comes to the point where it plays the role of your own doctor, as it works to monitor the heart rate moment by moment, as well as monitor the level of oxygen in the blood, which requires medical equipment to detect, but with realme Watch S, It is now possible to monitor the oxygen in the blood at any time, and the watch alerts you if either of them rises or falls, ensuring that your health status is constantly monitored, steps are monitored, reminders not to move, sleep monitor, etc., in addition to 16 different positions to follow sport activities.

Smart features

The realme Watch S can work for 15 days connected, thanks to its large 390 mAh battery, which can be charged 100% in just two hours via the magnetic charging base, and it can also deal with all notifications of various applications on the phone, and display all calls And SMS and third-party application messages, and it can also be connected with many smartphones from realme, and realme Watch S can automatically unlock the phone when approaching, which is convenient and fast, especially in light of the current conditions and most citizens wear a face mask these days, in addition to its ability To turn on and off the music remotely in the phone, it also supports the remote camera, so that you can take pictures of yourself even when you are alone, as well as the feature of rejecting calls when connected to the smartphone associated with the watch.

Premium quality manufacturing components

Realme Watch S comes with high-quality manufacturing components, the body is made of aluminum alloy 6063 with high strength and low density, making it strong and lightweight, while the watch strap comes from durable, lightweight and skin-friendly liquid silicone material. It is available in black.

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