Tebboune returns to Germany to complete his Corona treatment


And it was Tebbone He traveled to Germany months ago for treatment from Corona, and after a while he returned to Algeria.

Tebboune said, Sunday, that his return to Germany “It was programmed” with the aim of completing the treatment protocol, “of which there is little but necessary,” expressing his hope that the treatment period will be “very short.”

The Algerian president added, in a speech before leaving Algeria, that “it is possible that there will be a minor surgery in the foot.”

And he continued in the speech published by the official Algerian News Agency: “Even if I left the country physically, but my daily follow-up of state affairs with all officials.”

It is reported that Tebboune returned to Germany to treat complications in his foot as a result of his previous infection with a virus CoronaIt was scheduled before his return to the homeland on December 29th, but his commitments in Algeria prevented that, according to the presidency.


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