tayyar.org – Video – “Morning” and the morning of hope, Lebanon … a tape produced in 1975, never before shown


Today, in honor of the eternal Lebanon and the rest despite the wounds, and a welcoming melody of passion, joy, happiness and romance that cannot be extinguished despite the absence, the journalist Ricardo Karam published on his YouTube channel a gift he received from his friend, producer Silvio Tabet. An audiovisual gift filled with nostalgia for everything that is beautiful, simple and original, dating back to 1975. The gift is a video tape produced by the “SMT Films” company, prepared at that time for the Ministry of Information, and the outbreak of the Lebanese war prevented it from being shown. In the listing of producer Silvio Tabet, until he sent it today to Ricardo Karam and granted him the rights to show him, and he published it as a greeting to Lebanon, its villages and its music, to the great late Elias Rahbani and to a large group of stars who participated in it.

Through him, Karam invited the followers to visit the most beautiful Lebanese villages through the tunes and words of the late Elias Rahbani, and Sami Clark’s singing “Morning Morning”, and asked, “Who among you will get to know the participants in this wonderful movie?”

The beautiful and poignant video of this gift that made us wake up to the mornings of Lebanese villages colored with breezes of joy, hope and originality, and we will continue to repeat “Morning Morning” O Lebanon despite everything.

The video is attached to the news.

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