Tawfiq: Diang is a “technical and material” benefit for us … and we have implemented the next transfer plan “at a rate of 90%”


Amir Tawfiq, director of the Al-Ahly club’s contracting committee, revealed the renewal of the contract for the midfield duo in the first football team, Diang and Hamdi Fathy.

On Sunday evening, Al-Ahly announced the renewal of the contract for the financial duo, Aliou Diang and Hamdi Fathy, for a period of 5 seasons.

Tawfiq said in statements on “Al-Ahly” channel during the “Big House” program: “We are in a complete system. We attend our work early and do not wait for the last moment, and things are clear to us, and this is what makes us work quietly and successfully finish the files.”“.

He continued: “Aliou Diang, for us, is a technical and material benefit. He is a player who started well in Mali and then Algeria. We thought that he would develop with us, and we got his services with one million and 100 thousand dollars.”“.

He added: “If Diang comes to an offer now, his value will be much higher, and when the club wants to sign a player, his contract is about to expire with his club, his price is lower, unlike what is his 5-year contract with the club.”“.

He continued: “We put a good plan, we know the position of all the players, and I reassure the Al-Ahly fans that we have prepared the work for next summer and next winter, and by 90% we have a different team, and just as we attend deals we prepare for the players who will be renewed.”“.

And the director of contracts concluded in red: “During the last two years, Al-Ahly did not sell players like it was buying because we were forming a team, and God willing, the result of our investment will appear during the coming period.”“.


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