Tarsheed continues its work on rehabilitating the buildings of SABIC headquarters in Riyadh


The National Energy Efficiency Services “Tarsheed” company, together with the Saudi Basic Industries Corporation, completed the rehabilitation works for SABIC headquarters buildings, as the two companies had signed a contract in Riyadh at the end of 2019.Tarsheed has replaced nearly 50 thousand indoor and outdoor lighting lamps for the main building and the adjacent buildings. The total consumption rate for the main complex is 32,969,442 (kilowatt hours), while the average consumption for indoor and outdoor lighting devices for all buildings is 5,743,436 (kilowatt hours). . It is expected that (Tarsheed) and (SABIC) will achieve a reduction of about 3.1 (million kilowatt hours), which is equivalent to 55% of the consumption rate for indoor and outdoor lighting systems, or 11% of the total consumption.

This project is an extension of the energy efficiency projects that have been implemented in the government sector, and SABIC is one of the most important supporters of energy efficiency projects and initiatives. As it plays a vital role in adopting national targets in this regard, and it has a number of internal programs that target and support the principles of rationalization and raising efficiency, the most important of which is (The Home of Innovation).

SABIC Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Yusef bin Abdullah Al-Bunyan said on this occasion: “SABIC is proud to be one of the first entities to adopt this initiative in the commercial sector in the Kingdom in partnership with (Tarsheed). Sustainability has been at the core of SABIC’s concern since “Its establishment, and its environmental responsibility are inseparable from its production processes. We continue our commitment to this approach in partnership with all local and international bodies with distinguished experiences in energy conservation practices and improving the efficiency of their consumption, and we are constantly working to employ innovation, technical progress and scientific research in finding sustainable solutions.”

The managing director and CEO of (Tarsheed) Walid Al-Ghariri explained that the mechanism of work began with the preparation of a detailed technical study on the building, which included determining the consumption rates of the current lighting systems, carrying out optical studies to determine the required lighting rates, and their conformity with Saudi specifications and international standards, and determining the appropriate systems. In terms of consumption, especially the intensity of lighting and coverage, after that, energy-efficient lighting systems were replaced by the previous ones.

He added that the expected savings from this project is equivalent to avoiding 11,960 metric tons of harmful carbon emissions, equivalent to planting 198,000 seedlings.

It is worth noting that the rehabilitation projects aimed at reducing energy consumption directly feed into the sustainability goals in which the Kingdom plays a pivotal role, including setting future plans and formulating policies related to them, as it is the largest energy producing country in the world, as it has developed the circular carbon economy initiative that supervises The energy system in the Kingdom, which was adopted by the recently held G20 summit in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as this initiative developed a methodological framework based on reducing, reusing, recycling and eliminating harmful carbon emissions, which helps to restore the balance of the carbon cycle in the same way that occurs in nature.

It should also be noted that the National Energy Efficiency Services Company (Tarsheed) aims to raise the efficiency of electricity consumption in the public and private sectors, and the SABIC project is the company’s first project in the private sector, which comes in accordance with international practices to develop a vital energy efficiency sector capable of meeting demand Growing for such services in various fields.


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