Talis: We are working to cancel all the reports that were written against all public vehicles


The head of the land transport sector federations and unions in Lebanon, Bassam Talis, issued the following statement: “After the negative development and the worsening of the health situation as a result of the increase in the numbers of Corona injuries in addition to the escalation of the death figures resulting from it, from here I address my brothers and colleagues, heads and members of road transport unions and drivers on all lands Lebanese with the following call:

1- For decades, you have always been the artery that connects the regions of Lebanon to each other with joy and happiness, in search of knowledge, work and the stimulation of the economy.

2- As for us, with other Lebanese and residents, we have fallen into the forbidden, whose end is the end of our lives with our beloved ones, unless we bite the wounds of the pain of a livelihood, leading to overcoming this ordeal that invaded our beloved country, Lebanon without permission, and returning to our normal life with our families in good health.

3- In front of this reality, I wish you and I beg you to commit to implement the general closure decision to be an example in protecting our societies and our people.

4- However, this did not and will not exempt us from our responsibilities before you and towards you in achieving matters that relieve you of the burden of life’s requirements.

5- From here we would like to inform you that we in the federations and unions of the land transport sector have worked and are working on:
Cancellation of all the minutes issued against public buses and vans on Tuesday and Wednesday 12 and 13/2021, hoping that whoever wrote a record against him on this date will deliver the record to the union to which he belongs to carry out the necessary legal requirement.
– Cancellation of all records issued against all public vehicles under the title of non-payment of mechanical fees, provided that it is delivered to the trade unions for this purpose.
After the authorities concerned failed to issue decrees and take the necessary measures to put the law on exemption from mechanical fees into effect.
– Work to secure the necessary funds immediately to pay the aid to the deserving drivers who have not yet been paid.
– Work quickly by paying the necessary assistance to drivers as compensation for the general closing period and an amount that meets some of the deficits after they stop working.
Finally, I know that the driver’s dignity does not accept to feed his family except from the sweat of his forehead, but necessity has rulings, so what if the choice is between life and death? ”

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