Syrian actor Qassem Mallouh: My family and I were threatened with death


  The Syrian actor resides in Damascus (Qassem Mallouh / Facebook)</p><div><p dir="rtl">reveal<a target="_blank" href="" rel="noopener"> Syrian TV actor Qassem Mallouh</a>A resident of the Syrian capital, Damascus, which is under the control of the Bashar al-Assad regime, on Wednesday, reported death threats he received by phone from anonymous.

Malhou wrote on his Facebook account that the owner of the number said that his name was Muhammad, and he asked him to identify himself. When he refused, he threatened him, saying, “I will kill you and your family (I will kill you and your family) in a car accident.”

Malhou posted part of the caller’s number in his post, adding, “The strange thing is, what he said is what is wrong with me (he did not say what is wrong with me) … unfortunately.”

Hours later, Malhou deleted his post, and wrote, “Thanks for the eagerness of friends and loved ones, for their contacts and messages, even those who sent me to the world of Singer and what we know (and who wrote to me via Messenger without knowledge between us), with love they said (I would like to say to them): I am without your love nothing but nothing (worth nothing Without your love), may God perpetuate health, safety and love upon you. ”

Malhou had revealed a few weeks ago, in an interview with a local Syrian radio, that at the beginning of what he described as the Syrian crisis, he received threats against his family, just because he was from Aleppo and his wife from Latakia.

Qassem Mallouh is related to the Syrian actress, Amal Saad al-Din, who comes from Latakia, and has two daughters. He did not specify the reason for receiving the threats, nor the party behind them, knowing that his wife belongs to the Alawite sect.

Finally, the actor became active on Facebook, criticizing and mocking System hardwareAgainst the background of the tragic living conditions the country is experiencing, including poverty, poverty and lack of services.


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