Summary of the final episode of “Moalem Strike”: “Laila” was shot and “Jaber” kidnapped news


The events of the series “A Milestone’s Strike” by actor Mohamed Ragab intensified in the final episode, which made her followers search for her heavily on the Google search engine.

In the following points, we present to you the creator of the last episode of “Hitting the Teacher”:

1- “Jaber” Muhammad Rajab is surprised by his wife, “Layla” Hajar Ahmed, with a romantic date on a yacht in the middle of the sea with violin tunes. To complete the surprise, Jaber reveals the extent of his love for her through signs written on it that I love you, Laila, carried by divers at sea.

2- “Salah” Muhammad Najati enters the house of “Jaber” and tells “Laila” that “Mansour” sent men to kill “Jaber” so that “Laila” inherits and “Mansour” can obtain the two companies.

3- This comes at a time when “Jaber” rushes to his villa to find that “Laila” is about to give birth and when she leaves the villa, he shoots “Jaber” but the bullet hits her.

4- “Laila” was injured while she was about to give birth in a moving scene, as she fell into Jaber’s bosom amid his cries and collapse. Fortunately, she did not die in the first moments after she was shot. Jaber took her to the emergency room, and she immediately entered the operating room to give birth to a girl.

5- “Jaber” is being kidnapped by “Mansour” and his men, but they fall into the grip of the police after informing “Sherdy” about them.

The series “Moalem’s Blow” starring Muhammad Ragab, Mai Selim, Muhammad Najati, Riad Al-Khouli, Rania Farid Shawky, Hajer Ahmed, Muhammad Ezz, Mohsen Mansour, Salwa Othman, Anam Salousa and Yasmine Al-Beshbishi, and written by Ahmed Abdel Fattah, produced by Synergy Company, and directed by Ismail Farouk.

His story revolves around a popular social and exciting framework. The poor young man “Jaber” lives in a popular neighborhood, where he suffers from poverty, works in construction and architecture, and is exposed to many situations that make him enter into a conflict and then his life is turned upside down.


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