Summary – Mai Kassab in “One of the People”: Embodying a playful woman is difficult, even if I get a puck, I hope it is my mother | news


Actress May Kassab was a guest on the program “One of the People” presented by Amr Al-Laithi, on Friday, January 22nd.

During the episode, Mai Kassab had many important and exciting statements, he recognized them:

1- All my roles are close to my heart, and my role in the movie “The Good, the Bad and the Playful” was very beautiful, and I am happy to cooperate with Ahmed Fathy and Muhammad Salam, but the problem that I found was the character’s clothes, who is a playful woman.

2- I was very naughty in my childhood and I was rich and I had a love of appearing and I worked a cultural club program, I had a number of cages and all the children died on the roofs and the entry was 50 piasters, and my father made me return the money to the children.

3- I do not like chemistry and physics, and I used to share in the English language and I was Papa’s girlfriend when I was young and when I grew up I was Mama’s girlfriend.

4 – I am Zamalekawyeh, Jozy Ahly, and his sisters Ahlawy, and we are suffocating with some time for matches, but now I am not fanatical, and I cried when Zamalek was defeated by Al-Ahly 4-3 in the Cup final.

5- If a demon enters my room, I hope it will be my mother’s goblin.

6- Whoever has the right of Oka separates from Ortega and succeeds on his own, in his tenth and many needs between them, and whoever is able to infect.

7 – The death of my mother is the most important scene Mister Sen in my life.

8 – He watches on Oka’s mobile every little bit, and the man must not go out and watch every moment, and either say to Oka, you do not talk to fans of the little girls because the topic is not serious and has things that are not good.

9 – When I was upset from Oka with a heart and a thing, he looked at the one inside, and Oka, he let me say, O duck, and he said to the doctor, I do not want you to be a duck.

10- There is nothing called festivals, and I demand the establishment of the popular rap division.

11- I love that my husband is not polluted and hate in him not comprehending what I mean by my speech.

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