Summary – Hakim in “Sahranin”: My mother used to tell me “Oh the pitch of the mud” for this reason, and my father ran banner in the street because of his red pajamas | news


Hakim is a guest on the first episode of the “Sahranine” program in its new season, presented by Amir Karara and shown on ON.

During the episode, Hakim spoke with great frankness and talked about the beginning of his love for singing, unforgettable situations with his father, and memories of singing at the Olympic stage in Paris.

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In points, reviews Hakim’s most prominent statements:

– I was standing on a Caro car and doing it as a theater and my friends, the audience.

– My mother, when she is satisfied with me, spoils me with “rulers,” even if she is not satisfied, she says, “Oh pile of mud.”

My life’s dream was my voice reaching Ramses Square, and I wished that I would achieve success and see myself on stage.

– While in the classroom, I used to imagine my students being an audience while I was standing by to sing.

My father rejected the idea that I was singing and raised my weapon three times and interrupted me for years.

– I worked as a band when I was 14 years old, and I used to rent machines with one brother’s card, and we used to cost 2 pounds and a half.

– After I sang and became famous as my father, he still loved watching my TV concerts.

– I respected my father’s wish, and I never sang before him in Farah or anywhere.

– I love to listen to Adaweya, George Wassouf, Ihab Tawfiq and Mohamed Fouad.

– My father was a tough man and he had the mistake of the man wearing red or wearing a perfume or saying bye bye, and I used to wear red pajamas, and one time I bought a pajama and hid it.

– When I sang at the Olympic stage in Paris, I would announce that I would not be here again.

– The Egyptian public understands me and interacts with me, but when I sing on the road, I repeat my movements more than once in order to interact.

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