Sudan announces its refusal to participate in today’s meeting on the “Renaissance Dam”


05:43 PM

Monday 04 January 2021


The Sudanese authorities announced that they refused to participate in the meeting that was scheduled for today regarding the Renaissance Dam file, on the pretext that they had received an invitation to continue direct tripartite negotiations instead of the bilateral meeting with African Union experts, according to what was reported by “Sky News Arabia.”

For its part, the Ethiopian authorities announced the end of the meeting that was scheduled with Egypt and Sudan, due to Khartoum’s absence from the meeting.

The Sudanese Ministry of Irrigation announced yesterday that the parties to the Renaissance Dam negotiations have adopted Sudan’s proposal, and this week will be devoted to bilateral meetings with experts and observers.

Yesterday, Sunday, the ministry stated that, at the invitation of the Minister of International Cooperation in South Africa, Dr. J Bandura, a tripartite meeting was held this afternoon between Sudan, Egypt and Ethiopia, in the presence of African Union experts and international observers, to consider the possibility of resuming negotiations to fill and operate the Renaissance Dam.

During the meeting, the three countries reviewed their positions on the possibility of reaching a formula that would allow the resumption of negotiations in light of the positive development by the African experts presenting a memorandum of agreement for the three countries.

Sudan welcomed this development and considered it insufficient in light of the lack of a clear role for experts in facilitating negotiations and proposing solutions in future issues.

The meeting concluded with the adoption of Sudan’s proposal that this week be devoted to bilateral meetings between the three countries and the group of experts and observers.

Dr. J Bandura requested that these meetings be devoted to identifying points of agreement and disagreement between the three countries, provided that the tripartite meetings will reconvene on Sunday, January 10, with the hope that negotiations will be concluded by the end of January, and before the end of the South African presidency of the African Union session.


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