Study announces that “Oumuamua” may be an alien spacecraft


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A physicist studied the mystery surrounding the interstellar object “Oumuamua”, which flew above Earth in 2017 at an unusually high speed. Harvard University professor Avi Loeb noted during an interview with Salon that it is possible that the fast, cigar-like object is a vehicle. Interstellar space. “At first, astronomers assumed that he must be a comet, because these are the objects that are closely related to the stars. The problem with that is that there was no comet tail,” Loeb said in his book on the subject titled: “Outside the Earth: The first sign of the existence of intelligent life outside Earth: “Some people say, it is not a comet, and it may be just a rock. But the problem is that after about half a year, an overburden was reported in addition to the gravitational force acting on it from the sun. The extra force… This force usually comes from the missile effect of the comet’s tail, but there was no comet’s tail. So the question was, What produces this extra thrust? “For me, this proved that Oumuamua was synthetic, and it certainly wasn’t made by us because it was only a few months away from us. We couldn’t even chase it with our best missiles,” he told Loeb added that Oumuamua was “bright.” Unusually “compared to all the solar system bodies we’ve seen. It showed that its brightness was ten times more reflective than usual comets.

Oumuamua’s lack of many comet properties leads to the belief that what he saw was some kind of technology neglected by an alien civilization, Loeb says, and in November 2018, a study published by Loeb and others at the Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics suggested that Oumuamua could be a “light sail of artificial origin.” Sent from another civilization. However, the researcher who discovered “Oumuamua, Canadian physicist and astronomer Robert Weric, said the idea of ​​another civilization was just“ wild speculation. ”“ Oumuamua, ”which means“ explorer ”or“ explorer ”in Hawaii, was classified for the first time as An asteroid when it was seen traveling at 196,000 miles per hour in 2017. However, it was recently described as being closer to a comet. NASA confirmed that this is “the first object seen in our solar system known to have originated elsewhere.”

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