Starting from March 31 … allowing citizens to travel … lifting the suspension of international flights … and opening ports – Saudi Arabia News


The Ministry of the Interior announced that, starting from Wednesday 8/18/1442 corresponding to 3/31/2021, citizens will be allowed to travel outside the Kingdom and return to it, the suspension of international flights will be lifted completely, and the land, sea and air ports will be fully opened.

This came in a statement of the Ministry of the Interior, as follows:

An official source at the Ministry of Interior stated that, in addition to the statement issued on 4/4/1442 corresponding to 1/12/2020, which includes that the date for lifting restrictions on leaving the Kingdom and allowing the opening of ports will be announced later, and the statement issued on 5/18/1442 corresponding to 2021/ 1/2 that includes the precautionary measures and preventive measures applied to those coming to the Kingdom, and in view of the continuation of the new Corona pandemic (Covid-19), and what many countries of the world are witnessing of a second wave of this pandemic accompanied by the emergence of new mutated strains of the virus faster in the rates of spread, and the decrease in cases Infection with the new Corona virus in the Kingdom during the current period, thank God, and in the interest of preserving the safety and health of citizens, and keeping the infection low in the Kingdom, and the importance of completing the arrival of the required quantities of the vaccine during the coming period and distributing it to the regions of the Kingdom to immunize the groups most vulnerable to serious complications due to infection with the disease The Ministry of the Interior would like to announce that, starting from Wednesday 8/18/1442, corresponding to 3/31/2021, the following will take place:

(A) Allowing citizens to travel outside the Kingdom and return to it.

(B) Completely lift the suspension of international flights.

(C) To fully open the land, sea and air ports.

(D) The implementation of the above shall be in accordance with the procedures and precautions laid down by the concerned committee to take all necessary precautionary measures to prevent the spread of Coronavirus in the Kingdom in coordination with the concerned authorities.


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