Special Art – Shiraz defeats Angie Khoury


Private information confirmed to “Al-Fan” website that the singer is SyrianAngie KhouryHer real name is Najwa Khaliq Allah, and she is prohibited from attacking the Lebanese artistShirazUnder a pledge signed by the police to combat information crimes in Syria.
The information said that Khoury’s phone is still in that security center, and that a mediation entered the line to return it to it after analyzing it and knowing its content at the level of pictures, communications and messages.
And Angie Khoury had confirmed in an interview with some close to her that she was putting her car, a pocket, and a cash sum in the custody of Shiraz after being expelled from Lebanon and preventing her from entering it, and that she recovered the money and the car upon entering the Lebanese territory surreptitiously and staying in a well-known hotel in Broumana.


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