Soon .. Smart robots in the shape of your dead loved ones


The American company Microsoft plans to develop smart robots that can simulate dead people.

The bots, which I call chatbot, are considered artificial intelligence chatbots that are based on people’s profiles, including many data such as their photos, voices, social media posts, and more.

Robots rely on using this data to create a chat that simulates a human-like conversation via voice commands or text messages.

Perhaps strikingly, these robots will be two- or three-dimensional models of the deceased person, depending on the images, various information or video data of individuals.

“Microsoft” aims to be the final form of a robot with characteristics and behavioral characteristics identical to the dead.

“The person represented by the robot may correspond to a friend, relative, acquaintance, celebrity, fictional character, historical figure, etc.”, the company said.

The past years have witnessed similar attempts, in different technology, as a Korean mother was able to meet her daughter who died four years ago thanks to virtual reality technology.

Aegina Queda, founder of a tech company, also used a large batch of text messages between her and her deceased friend to create a chatbot that mimics her way of speaking.

Eternime has tested an app that allows users to create digital photos of themselves when they die.


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