Sony will not produce the Vision-S concept car


Sony had been dying for a futuristic, self-driving car known as the Vision-S concept car that many had hoped indicated some kind of production intent.

Sony recently confirmed that it has no plans to produce or sell the Vision-S to consumers, and said it will not become a car maker and Vision-S is a platform for independent technology testing and PlayStation car experience.

Vision-S is created by leveraging Sony’s technology and knowledge across multiple business categories ranging from cameras and computing to entertainment.

And while there won’t be a Vision-S at some point in the future, the upside is that the project could lead to autonomous cars of the future with PlayStation entertainment within them and cutting-edge audio.

The latest hint of the Vision-S concept came during the all-digital CES show earlier this month.

At the show, Sony was showing footage of Vision-S in testing across public roads to improve safety.

This has led many to believe that this means Sony has at least some intention of producing the car.

Car and Driver magazine reported that a Sony spokesperson had contacted her and said: The company does not currently have plans to mass produce or sell the car.

The spokesman explained that the Japanese company Sony is exploring how it can meaningfully contribute to the era of autonomous driving, where smart mobility is expected to be a major trend in the future.

To deal with autonomous driving, the concept in its current form uses 40 sensors, four of which are lidar, as part of Safety Cocoon that monitors both the inside and the outside and creates a 360-degree view of the world.

It currently has a Level +2 Driver Assistance Package, but Sony is hoping to upgrade it to Level 4, where, with software upgrades, it drives the same vehicle in most situations without needing a driver.

On the entertainment front, the company talks about something it calls 360 Reality Audio, which creates a sound field around the heads of all occupants by using speakers in the headrests to improve the sound for everyone in the car.

The long-term goal appears to be to add a PlayStation with 5G connectivity for online gaming in the car, and Sony plans to continue testing and sharing its progress with the car.

And autonomous cars may lead us into the future On trips while passengers are resting, enjoying the scenery and playing some PlayStation games.

It is certainly not surprising that Sony has no intention of becoming a car maker, but many are hoping to produce the Vision-S, and it is worth noting that the phrase nowadays certainly does not exclude production entirely.


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