Sony unveils small drone Airpeak (video)


Sony unveils small drone Airpeak (video)


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Company revealed Sony The Japanese government unveiled its new drone “Airpeak” in a virtual presentation during CES 2021.

“Airpeak” is the smallest unmanned drone capable of carrying and using Sony’s unmatched alpha camera Artificial intelligence To keep images steady while flying in the sky and are designed for professional video and photography content creation.

For his part, the company’s director and CEO Kenichiro Yoshida said in a statement today: “We will present a product that integrates artificial intelligence and robotics together, and has been specially designed for enterprising innovators.”

Sony will collaborate with drone users

The company has not announced all the details about the specifications and features of the first unmanned aircraft of its production, but it has said that it will provide the first aircraft from Sony Airpeak later this spring.

The company also indicated that it will work with professional photographers and professional drone users to get the best feedback.


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