Smartwatches detect signs of COVID-19 before they know you are sick


Smart watches and wearable fitness devices may be able to play an important role in early detection of COVID-19, as a recent study discovered that the Apple Watch can detect small changes in the user’s heartbeat, which may indicate infection with the Corona virus, a whole week before Feeling sick.

According to “engadget”, a company is working to develop a dedicated wearable device to detect COVID-19, and all these types of technology can help stop the spread of disease by keeping people without symptoms at home.

The study followed a group of 297 healthcare workers between April 29 and September 29.

Participants wore Apple watches equipped with special apps that measure changes in heart rate variability, and study researcher Robert P. Hirten said, the watch showed significant changes in HRV metrics for up to seven days before individuals received a positive nose swab confirming COVID-19 infection.

A similar study, conducted by Stanford University, found that participants who wore a variety of trackers from Garmin, Fitbit, Apple, and others found that 81% of patients who tested positive for the Coronavirus had changes in their heart rate at rest until nine and a half days before symptoms began.

Perhaps developing a method for identifying people who may be sick even before they know they are infected would be a truly breakthrough in managing COVID-19. ”This technology not only allows us to track and predict health outcomes, but also allows us to intervene in a timely and remote manner, which is essential. During a pandemic that requires people to stay away.

The authors of this study were not the only researchers who noticed the emergence of early symptoms of COVID-19 that could be picked up by a smartwatch, there are other studies such as Princeton University research, and the development of an artificial intelligence product called CovidDeep that could help identify people with the virus in clinical situations or their need. For care homes.


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