Signs of vision problems in children … Details


Extend / Mostly children cannot express their pain and aches or the health problems they feel, and vision impairment is a common problem among children, but children cannot express it, so kidshealth site provides some signs that appear on the child and indicate poor eyesight, which are:

Signs that a child may have vision problems include: –

1- Continuous eye rubbing.

2- Extreme sensitivity to light.

3- Impaired concentration.

4- Poor optical tracking (object tracking).

5- Abnormal alignment or movement of the eye (after 6 months of age).

6- Chronic redness of the eye.

7- Chronic tearing of the eye.

8- White pupil instead of black.

In school-aged children, other signs to watch for include: –

1- The inability to see things from a distance.

2- You are having trouble reading the blackboard.

3- Cross-eyes.

4- Difficulty reading.

5- Sitting near the TV.

Watch your child for signs of double vision or crossed eyes. If you notice any eye problems, get your child checked immediately so that the problem does not become permanent if caught early, the eye conditions can often be corrected.

Keep these tips in mind for children who wear glasses: –

1- Let the children choose their own frames.

2- Plastic tires are best for children under the age of two.

3- If the older kids wear metal frames, make sure they have spring hinges, which are more durable.

4- The rubber band attached to the glasses will help keep them in place for young, active children.

5- Children who suffer from severe eye problems may need special lenses called high-index lenses, which are thinner and lighter than plastic lenses.

6- Polycarbonate lenses are best for all children, especially those who play sports, polycarbonate is a tough, shatter-resistant and transparent thermoplastic used to make thin and light lenses. However, although they are highly shock-resistant, these lenses scratch more easily than plastic lenses.


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