She was talking to me in secret … Ashraf Zaki talks about a matter related to Houria Farg


06:07 PM

Thursday 14 January 2021

I wrote – Yasmine El-Sharkawy:

Artist Ashraf Zaki, the head of the Actors’ Syndicate, said that the artist Houria Farghali was one of the artists who most supported her colleagues in the artistic community and had many honorable positions.

During his meeting with “The Insider in Arabic”, “Zaki” said that Houria Farghali always called him and asked him about the artists who needed financial assistance: “She was talking to me in secret and asking if some of my colleagues needed something.”

He continued: “I was given a lot of money to help the families of some of the incapable colleagues, and it was asking that this be done in secret.”

The captain of the acting professions concluded his message directing his speech to Huria, saying: “Our Lord, your hand is on my intention, and you have a great balance with me and, God willing, our Lord will be cured for good.

Houria Farghali had said in a telephone interview to the “Evening DMC” program, during which she said: “I was shocked when I met the people who had been with me all along and had been working with them for 10 years and stood beside them. They remained not beside me .. I thought they loved me.”

Houria added, “I lost confidence in myself as a six-year-old and an actress, because nobody appreciated my work and my work, and it was difficult for me, and I decided to get away completely, and I do not want anyone to see me except when I return to my first dress, because I am older and I am 44 years old now … but I am so happy. I knew good people and lonely people. This is a harsh lesson and I learned from it. “

And she went on: “I was Miss Egypt in 2002, and I don’t want people to differentiate between my looks before that, and now, and by saying God is my suffice and yes, the agent in all those who bully me .. I am now breathing for those who remain and cannot taste food and lose the sense of smell and taste.”


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