Shawky: Al-Badri is not good at dealing with the stars .. The Omdurman stadium deprived my generation of the World Cup


Mohamed Shawky, the former Al-Ahly star and the general coach of the Olympic team, confirmed that he was fortunate to be among the best generations of football in Egypt, indicating that this generation used to raise the slogan of love, sincerity and the happiness of the masses always, explaining that he wished this generation would participate in the 2010 World Cup in the South Africa However, the loss to Algeria in the play-off match prevented him from that, noting that the poor ground of Omdurman Stadium in Sudan was the reason for the loss.

Mohamed Shawky said, in statements to the journalist Ibrahim Fayek on the Tala fans program on Ontime Sport 2, that he benefited a lot from the Portuguese Manuel Jose, noting that despite his technical disagreement with him, he was mainly involved in the team’s matches.

He added that he had a lot of disagreement with Hossam El-Badry, the technical director of the national team now, when he was his coach at Al-Ahly, stressing that Al-Badri was not good at dealing with stars, stressing that Hassan Shehata, the former technical director of the national team, is the spiritual father of his generation, and he was good at dealing humanely with everyone.

And I follow Mohamed Shawky, that Ramadan Sobhi’s transfer from Al-Ahly to Pyramids is not a positive step in his football career, pointing out that the conversation at the present time with Ramadan Sobhi is a pressure on him, confirming that the Olympic team is good at dealing with the player, especially as he was responsible with The Olympic team in the last African Championship.

Mohamed Shawky explained that he started his football career in the goalkeeping center when he was playing with his friends in childhood, indicating that he refused a blank check from Al-Masry Club officials in Port Said in order to continue with the team and not move to Al-Ahly, explaining that he refused an offer from Zamalek out of respect. For fans of the Red Castle.

Mohamed Shawky continued: “Mustafa Mohamed’s professionalism is risky, but everything in football has calculations and risks.”

He said: “The level of Imam Ashour did not surprise me, as he is a distinguished player, and now he is defending in a wonderful and fierce manner.”

Mohamed Shawky confirmed that the fate of the three big players to participate with the Olympic team in the upcoming Tokyo Olympics has not been resolved, explaining that the international joining of the international Mohamed Salah, the star of Liverpool, with the Olympic team, is in the hands of Shawky Gharib, the technical director of the team.

On the level of Al-Ahly with Musimani, Shawky commented, saying: “He did not reach the level he was waiting for, and I think he will not be able to achieve the three-way again with the team this season.”


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