Sharjah … the dream of the “winter champion” – the athlete – the Emirates stadiums


Sharjah and Al-Ahly youth will meet at Al Maktoum Stadium in Al Nasr Club, at 8:00 pm today, for the 13th edition of the Arabian Super Gulf Cup, which is adorned with the slogan “Shatana Super”.

Sharjah enters the confrontation, seeking to win the first titles of the current season, and with the desire to win the second Super Cup, despite Sharjah topping the league standings, with 32 points, and 13 points ahead of Al-Ahly youth in sixth place, but it is difficult to guess the identity of the champion, or how the two teams will proceed and level In a super encounter.

Comfort rejected

Sharjah has spared no effort in preparing for a strong meeting, without rest, during the past few days, and after the end of the first round of the Arab Gulf League, leading to the conclusion of the preparations for the match, with closed training, on the match stadium yesterday evening, which it ended with training on penalty kicks, in anticipation of resorting to it. To settle the night’s confrontation, as no additional games will be charged, according to Article 15 of the list of the Arabian Super Gulf Cup competition, and in the event that the original time ends in a draw, penalties will be adjudicated.


Sharjah players conducted their training in an atmosphere of high morale, after finishing the first round of the league in a strong way, in the thirteenth round of the league, the team was able to beat its guest Ittihad Kalba with one goal, to consolidate its lead in the standings, and to be crowned champion of the winter.

the White

Sharjah appears in the Arabian Super Gulf Cup match this season, and for the second time in the era of professionalism, after the 2019-2020 season, in full white uniform, and seeks to crown the title for the second time in its history.

Tonight’s match will be a recurring challenge imposed by the Corona virus, 497 days after the two teams met on the same stadium and cup on September 14, 2019, at the start of the canceled season 2019-2020, which ended with Sharjah’s 4-3 victory, after the end of the original match time in a draw. Passive, despite the adoption of the result of the Super Cup last season.

However, the Professional League League decided to meet the two teams again this season for the Super Cup, with the same qualification conditions, as Sharjah plays the match as champion of the Arab Gulf League 2018-2019 season, and Al-Ahly Youth, as champion of the Cup of His Highness the President of the State in the same season, after canceling The two competitions were last season.

No change

Sharjah plays the match with the same squad in which he played the last match in the league, against Al Ittihad Kalba, and the team underwent a day’s rest, after the end of the first round of the Arab Gulf League, and then began its preparations for the Super, with daily training under the supervision of the technical staff, led by national coach Abdulaziz Al-Anbari, At Khalid bin Mohammed Stadium in Al Hazana, he concluded his training for the match yesterday evening, at Al Maktoum Stadium, where the big event is being held.



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