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The Sharjah Business Women Council, affiliated to the Nama Foundation for the Advancement of Women, has managed to transform the challenges and crises that the world witnessed during the year 2020, especially the Corona pandemic, into opportunities through its high flexibility in responding to the conditions of the new business environment and the variables of local and global markets and consumer behaviors of community members In addition to his ability to benefit from technology and adopt digital transformation strategies to ensure the continuity and development of the business of its members.
Council visits
In order to achieve the maximum benefit for its members in line with the new business management pattern, the Council transferred the field council visit campaign, which it launched at the end of 2019, into an electronic initiative. The campaign aimed to highlight the services provided by the Council to women entrepreneurs wishing to develop their projects, and to get acquainted with businesswomen in Local communities from various sectors, while the members of the Council meet after converting the campaign into electronic visits through virtual sessions to exchange ideas about various businesses and strategies to adapt to the work environment, as the Council carried out 14 field and electronic visits during 2020.
3 initiatives and 5 workshops
In response to the changes in the global economy and the new business environment imposed by the Corona pandemic, the Council launched 3 electronic initiatives to enable more than 2000 members registered in the Council to benefit from training and consulting services through its electronic application, namely, the council’s advice, the council reads, and the council’s terminology, where the first initiative included Providing advice that helped businesswomen benefit from the time they spent during home quarantine by providing them with practical ideas and knowledge regarding how to continue their businesses.
Through the “Council Reads” initiative, the Sharjah Businesswomen Council recommends every week to read a book that discusses issues related to business and administration. As for the Council terminology initiative, it includes explaining the meanings of the most common terms and phrases used in this field, as the Council shares a new term on this platform in every a week.
In order to enhance the experiences of its members on the foundations of e-commerce and the mechanisms of promotion through the Internet and increase their knowledge of the Internet economy and its characteristics in general, and the methods of consumer access to products, the Council organized 5 electronic workshops, namely, “Distance Sales”, “Digital Productivity Tools” and “E-commerce” », And“ digital marketing, ”and he also organized an electronic session entitled“ The use of colors during crises, ”which dealt with the influence and importance of colors in psychology, methods of using colors to balance the energy of the individual, and the extent of the influence of colors on his personality.
4 discussion sessions
Within the “Council Dialogue” initiative launched by the Sharjah Businesswomen Council in May 2019, with the aim of benefiting from the experiences of specialists in the business sectors, the Council organized four dialogue sessions during the year 2020, including three hypothetical ones that dealt with the future of the food and beverage industries, the future of sustainable fashion as well as future trends In the field of cosmetics and jewelry, while the fourth session was in the form of a meeting within the council that included a number of members, in which Nawal Al-Nuaimi, a member of the Board of Directors of the Sharjah Businesswomen’s Council and founder of the “Paper Fig” Restaurant and Sweets, presented her experience in the hospitality sector and how to develop the skills needed for this. The sector in light of local and global economic changes.
Exchange of experiences
The Sharjah Businesswomen Council inaugurated in January 2020 hosting a delegation from the Egyptian Economic Council for businesswomen, and one of the most important outcomes of this visit was the conclusion of new partnerships to exchange experiences provided by the experiences of businesswomen from both sides and to enhance joint cooperation, in addition to introducing Egyptian women entrepreneurs to the investment opportunities and advantages that they Provided by the business environment in the Emirate of Sharjah.
Success stories
Within the framework of its various activities in the year 2020, the council launched a campaign entitled “Female Students Today, Pioneers of the Future”, aimed at introducing ambitious female students who want to enter the world of entrepreneurship and establishing their own projects for the council’s services. The campaign included organizing visits to universities and educational institutions in Sharjah. He launched a campaign entitled “Sharjah Women”, in celebration of the 49th National Day of the United Arab Emirates, which continued throughout the month of December, to highlight the most prominent achievements of women entrepreneurs and their success stories by reviewing the experiences of four women on the council’s social media platforms, they are Shatha Allai Al Naqbi – founder Shatha Beauty Center, Sheikha Maghawour, founder of Tebr Wedding Planning, Aisha Al Suqi, founder of “Sweetopia”, and Fatima Shweiter, founder of “The Arc Coffee.”
The Council participated in the Women in Technology Forum in Sharjah, which was held on February 18, 2020, focusing on the pioneering role of women in the fields of technological innovation and scientific research, with the participation of 25 speakers in five dialogue sessions. Among the achievements recorded for the Council last year was the launch of its website in a new way, including The services, programs, activities and initiatives it provides.
Future economy
Sheikha Hind bint Majed Al Qasimi, Chair of the Sharjah Business Women Council, confirmed that the members of the Council were able to harmonize their work with the new business environment through a series of initiatives and electronic workshops that contributed to enhancing their knowledge of modern mechanisms for leadership and communication with the public and customers, and the council converted most of its services to electronic, noting He pointed out that the initiatives he launched during the year 2020 are in line with his goals and vision to support women and business leaders in Sharjah to shift towards future economic patterns, enhance their contribution to the country’s comprehensive economic development process, and help them achieve more of their ambitions.
Sheikha Hind bint Majid Al Qasimi pointed to the need to benefit from the lessons of 2020 that have affected various sectors of life, including the business sector of course, and to build on them in planning strategies for 2021 and beyond, especially since these lessons have proven that major crises come without introductions, which confirms the importance of flexibility and permanent preparedness. And the ability to face challenges and manage crises, explaining that the Sharjah Businesswomen Council determines its directions for the year 2021 according to the lessons it has learned from 2020 by focusing on enhancing the business environment in line with the changes in the global economy and the requirements of entrepreneurship.


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