Shaima Sabt reveals the truth about her marriage to Muhammad Saad “Al-Lemby”


The Bahraini actress Sheila Sabt broke her silence, revealing to the public her relationship with the Egyptian artist Mohamed Saad, who is known for the comedian role of Al Lumpy.This came after the pioneers of social networking sites recently circulated news indicating her marriage to the Egyptian actor Mohamed Saad, according to (her).

Many questioned the validity of this news, which prompted the artist to break her silence, and for this she re-published a picture collected by the artist and was recently circulated, and commenting on it, she wrote: “Today, I received this image from several people and sites famous for social media.”She added, “I do not know the growth of a writer and the house of the ballet. This is a picture of the wife of the Egyptian star Mohamed Saad, and I admire him very much.” This is my image with him at the Dubai Film Festival in 2013 and was for the memory and dear to me only for clarification. ”

It is noteworthy that she aroused interest earlier due to a comment she made after announcing the marriage of her younger sister Abrar, and in this context she appeared in a video clip in which she said: “The spread of the (Corona) epidemic has a positive aspect, which is the marriage of her sister.

And she continued, “God suffices and blesses the agent on Corona … Corona in Shaima and in Silla,” announcing this her desire to marry as well.


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