Separation costs billions – Lebanese Forces Official Website


Many media indicated, on Tuesday evening, that the divorce of the most famous social media star, Kim Kardashian, from her husband, famous singer Kanye West, has become “inevitable”, and that it is only a matter of time.

Several sources indicated that Kim is preparing to file for divorce from her husband, the “rapper” who is tired of her family’s problems completely.

West married the Kardashians in 2014, after years of dating her, and they have 4 children, their daughter North (7 years old), their son Saint (5 years old), their daughter Chicago (3 years old), and their child Salem (one and a half years).

A source told the Big 6 website, “The couple’s relationship has ended, and talks are currently underway about dividing their wealth after living a separate life over the past year, as West spent most of his time on his ranch in Wyoming, which is estimated at $ 14 million.”

“They are keeping it calm, but their relationship is over,” the source said. Kardashian has appointed a competent attorney and they are in settlement talks.

The divorce is expected to cost huge amounts of settlements and wealth sharing, especially given their respective wealth.

Reports indicate that “West’s wealth of singing and his other works such as shoes and clothes amounts to $ 1.3 billion, as he is considered one of the richest artists in the world. Kardashian’s fortune is about $ 900 million, and she is considered one of the most popular personalities on the “Instagram” site, as the brochure costs one of them $ 1.2 million.


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