“See you in Heaven” … Hassan Al-Raddad remembers his mother with these words (Sow


6:44 PM

Friday, January 15, 2021

Books – Abdel Fattah Al-Ajami

Artist Hassan Al-Raddad, his fans and followers, shared several photos of him with his mother, Mrs. Fadia Al-Raddad, who left our world last Saturday.

Al-Raddad published photos that he collected with his mother from a trip abroad, and commented through his account on the “Instagram” website: “A blessed Friday to you, Mama, the sweetest word that anyone can utter in his life, oh my heart, oh love of my life, oh dearer than his eyes, meet you in Heaven God willing, mom. “

Hassan Al-Raddad buried his mother’s body to his final resting place, last Sunday, from the square of the Amr bin Al-Aas mosque, in Damietta, his hometown, with the participation of hundreds of residents of the province.

Al-Raddad received condolences in his mother in front of the cemetery of his family, and kept repeating and warning the attendees that the condolences should be with a sign, without a handshake, and there was a person next to Al-Raddad who was keen to sterilize the hand of the latter with alcohol whenever he shook hands with someone. A hand on his chest, an expression of gratitude to the mourners.


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