Schubert reveals Al-Ahly’s decisive response about the possibility of the return of Ramadan Sobhi and Ahmed Fathy


Journalist Ahmed Schubert revealed the club’s response AhlyOn the possibility of the return of the duo Ahmed Fathy and Ramadan Sobhi, the current Pyramids players, to the ranks of the Red Castle again.

And there were reports about the possibility of Ramadan and Fathi returning to Al-Ahly club during the recent period, after they left the Red Castle and headed towards the Pyramids after the latter offered them a huge financial reward.

Schubert said on his program on Atheer “On Sport FM”: “I contacted Al-Ahly club officials about the rumors about the duo’s return. Ramadan Sobhi And Ahmed Fathy once again to the Red Fort. ”

He continued: “The response from Al-Ahly officials is that they closed the door completely, and they said we wish them luck and appreciate them. They have chosen and we respect their choices, and they have no place in the Al-Ahly club, neither now nor in the future.”

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He concluded: “Al-Ahly officials confirmed to me regarding the reported arrival of an official offer from the Emirati unit to include the player Hussain Al-Shahat, that this did not happen and no offers arrived and no agent spoke about this matter.”


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