Sayed Zayan’s son falls into a coma and is taken to intensive care … and his sister:


6:47 PM

Friday 01 January 2021

Books Abdel Fattah Al-Ajami

Iman Sayed Zayan, the daughter of the late great artist, revealed today, Friday evening, that her only brother, Muhammad Sayed Zayan, had suffered a health crisis and was in intensive care.

The daughter of the late artist Sayed Zayan wrote, through her account on the “ Facebook” site: “I ask you to pray a lot for my only brother, Muhammad Sayed Zayan, who is in intensive care in a coma. May God heal him and heal him by his power and greatness and surpasses, and there is no strength or power except in God Almighty.

And she added: “O Lord, O Lord, O Lord, you are the Healer, the Exalted One. I beseech you, O Lord, to surpass a miracle from you, O Lord, O Hearer, O Respondent, O Owner of the King, O Lord of Glory and Honor, O God.”

Syed Zayan was born on August 17, 1943, graduated from the School of Mechanics for Air Force Aircraft Maintenance. He started working in the field of art after he submitted his resignation from his work in the 1960s era, through the theater in which he starred, especially when he worked in the Muhammad Najm theater, and from the most famous His theatrical participations “ My Beautiful Lady, Al-Askari Al-Akhdar, one for Mon and the second is crazy.” He also provided many supporting roles in cinema and television. Among his most famous works are: “Sons of Silence, I want a solution, pardon, law, beggar, hot night, money and children, Omar Ben Abdulaziz, the twin, and others, and left our world on April 13, 2016.


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