Saudi News Tourism in Turkey .. The bleeding of losses does not stop


Saudi News The incomes of the tourism industry in the Turkish market collapsed during the past year, due to the Corona virus crisis, and the health sector’s failure to control the epidemic.

According to a recent report issued on Sunday by the Turkish Statistics Institute, the country’s tourism receipts amounted to 12.05 billion US dollars, down from 35 billion US dollars registered in the year before 2019, amid a sharp decline in the number of inbound tourism.

Turkey had expected, at the beginning of this year, that inbound tourism would reach nearly 40 billion US dollars, but the country faced a shock in its inability to cope with the outbreak of the pandemic and the inability of facilities to provide safety requirements.

With Turkish tourism revenues declining by 65.1% during 2020 year-on-year, the amount received is 12 billion dollars, which is divided between 10 billion dollars, the expenditures of individual tourists in the country, and nearly two billion dollars, coming from companies organizing trips.

Likewise, domestic tourism spending, which is the spending of Turkish citizens residing in Turkey, decreased by 74.9% compared to the previous year, to $ 1 billion and $ 104 million; This means a sharp drop even in the domestic tourism movement among citizens.

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During the past year, the number of Turkish citizens who left the country for the purpose of tourism decreased by 76.8% compared to the previous year, to 2 million and 242 citizens, amid increasing local expenses resulting from the collapse of the Turkish lira.

While in the last quarter of 2020, tourism income decreased by 50.4% to 3 billion 913 million 758 thousand dollars Of which 75.4% came from foreign tourism and 24.6% of Turkish citizens residing abroad visited the country.

In this quarter, all types of spending decreased compared to the same quarter of the previous year; As spending on tourism trips (Turkey’s share) decreased by 72.2%, and spending on tour services decreased by 68.4%. Spending on sports, education and culture decreased by 67.3%.

Accommodation prices

This quarter, while the average spending per night for foreigners who stayed overnight was $ 67 compared to $ 96 in 2019, the average spending per night for Turkish citizens living abroad was $ 35, compared to $ 78 in the corresponding period.

In the last quarter of 2020, the number of Turkish tourists departing decreased by 57.7% compared to the same quarter of the previous year, to 4 million 582 thousand individuals. While in the whole of 2020, the number of Turkish tourists departing decreased by 69.5% compared to the previous year, to 15 million 826 thousand citizens.

The Turkish tourism sector suffered heavy losses due to the economic crisis in the country, in addition to the repercussions of Corona. Earlier this month, the Turkish Tourist Restaurant Investors and Managers Association report revealed that 35,000 companies may close their doors in the sector, which means 700,000 workers will be displaced.

The report was revealed by the head of the association, Kaya Demirar, according to the website of the “Diken” newspaper, indicating “the possibility of losses rising to 47 billion liras due to the current situation.”

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