Saudi explosive belts, to the first trend in Iraq


According to the official version, the two explosions occurred when the security forces tried to arrest the suicide bombers before detonating themselves, and the suicide bomber carried out the first explosion with an explosive belt.

In addition, more than twenty people were killed, at least, and forty-four others were wounded in the initial outcome of two double explosions, which occurred in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad.

The Iraqi authorities quickly tightened security measures in the Green Zone near the site of the explosion, and this attack is considered the first of its kind in many months, as Baghdad has not witnessed a similar attack for more than eighteen months. No one has claimed responsibility for the attack so far, but Iraqi media sources and political parties announced that the two explosions bore the hallmarks of the Wahhabi “ISIS” group, while Abbas Al-Zaidi, an advisor to the Baghdad Operations Command, stated to the Popular Mobilization Forces, that one of the suicide bombers in the double bombing was of nationality. Saudi.

Haider al-Quraishi said: “Today, Saudi Arabia inaugurated one of its investment projects by killing innocent Iraqis at the moment of the second explosion, # Saudi_Index_Belts.”

An attempt to force Iraq to normalize

“Muhammad Al-Majidi” said, “The mouthpiece of Al Saud, after today’s bombings in Tayaran Square, we will fight you until you return to the Arab embrace … What is meant by the Arab embrace of the House of Saud is the Hebrew bosom !! # Saudi_blogging belts.”

“MUSTAFA HASSAN” said: Your explosive devices have killed us pure souls and are still dear to our hearts.

The Arab rear embraces Iraq with traps

Nibras Al-Yasiriyah said: “The Saudi Arabian depth is returning once again to embrace Iraq with its booby traps and explosive belts.”

“Fatima Muhammad,” he tweeted, saying: “# The explosive belts of Saudi Arabia, we returned to the Hebrew hug after losing their projects for sectarian strife, D11, live the sedition of October.”

Muntadhar Al-Saadi said: “The Saudi-Wahhabi investment is inaugurating projects in Tayaran Square with suicide bombers leaving 21 martyrs and 44 wounded.”

Who will compensate the Iraqis?

“Abu Mahdi” said: “To this day we pay compensation to Kuwait because of Saddam’s invasion. Those who force Al Saud to pay compensation for their terrorism # Saudi_Explosive Belts)


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