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Many of us may not know that since the beginning of the Corona pandemic, a number of Saudi doctors have been conducting research in various aspects of the disease according to their specialization and the capabilities available in their work centers, many of which were published in international medical journals, and some of their results were important, and two days ago the media published important news The statement that the Institute for Medical Research and Consultation at Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University in Dammam, Eastern Province, has completed preclinical research studies, as part of efforts to reach the first Saudi vaccine against the emerging corona virus that causes “Covid 19” disease, and that the research team is awaiting the issuance of the necessary approvals to start experiments Clinical Research Vaccine Research.This news or achievement prompts us to talk about the nature of medical research in the Kingdom, which has become very necessary to support, organize, and unify the scattered efforts in it so that its results are converted into practical achievements. It is known that we have a large number of distinguished doctors and experts in the field of medical research of all kinds, but their efforts are not supported in form. What research requires to become national achievements, and this is the problem of scientific research we have in general, as it is still within the scope of limited academic activity, and its support is still very limited, not befitting its importance, nor the national ambition of a country whose human and material capabilities qualify it to be advanced in this field. .

During the Corona pandemic, we have seen developed countries compete in medical research supported by huge budgets, and we have touched the importance of health security in terms of the availability of medicine and medical devices, which confirms that investment in this field is one of the most important national necessities, and that the time has come for the existence of a national entity responsible for supervising medical research. And setting its strategies, plans, systems and budgets to achieve its strategic goals, especially since we have a good core of infrastructure and highly qualified cadres.

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