Saudi Arabia | The strongest and most comprehensive since the start of the season … A wide wave of dust is expected to affect the Kingdom on Wednesday and Thursday | Arabia weather


Arab Weather – Sinan Khalaf – Our weather forecast in Arab weather continues to strongly indicate the possibility that large parts of the Kingdom will be affected on Wednesday and Thursday by winds Strong and dusty waves may be the strongest since the beginning of the season, Accompanied by a very cold air mass, and extremely low temperatures, reaching zero degrees at night in large areas.

Active winds to strong speed

Raising dust waves in large areas of the Kingdom

In the details, it is expected that the general region of the Levant and the far north of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will be affected In an air depression on Wednesday and Thursday, this depression will push, after God’s will, strong winds towards all regions of the northern, central and eastern regions of the Kingdom. Some of its flushes can reach speeds of 70 km / h، These winds are considered capable of forming wide dust waves with a significant decrease in the horizontal visibility.

Areas covered with strong wind and dust forecast

As for the areas covered by the forecast of strong winds and dust, they are all from Al-Jawf, the northern borders, the Hail region and Al-Qassim, and up to the capital Riyadh, in addition to large parts of the eastern region and the coasts of the Arabian Gulf that witness turbulence in the sea and a rise in waves in addition to the dusty weather in general.

These weather conditions require attention from:

Danger of severe winds, which may reach the barrier of 70 km / h

– The risk of a decrease in the horizontal visibility due to the raised dust and dirt

– Risk of additives in patients with respiratory system and eyes due to dust


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